Well, I really would like to be invited to that party! You’re such a wonderful caretaker. I’ve been reading your blogs about Peg. Oh, my! Tell her I love her. I now live in North Carolina, or I’d jump on a plane and come to see her.

True Stories, Mostly

Maxwell-Dickson-Melting-Numbers-Wall-Clock-P15067980 I was hurrying with a long “to do” list in hand the other day and dropped my wrist watch on a cement floor. The numbers 2 and 10 fell off and rolled around inside the glass. The warranty had expired. It wasn’t a cheap watch. Was this a sign I should speed up or slow down?

“What time is it?” Mom asks throughout the day. I can understand that it’s easy to get confused in the winter when it’s still dark in the morning, and already dark by late afternoon. The big digital clock by her bedside doesn’t seem to help. Her fading sight makes it hard to read the big clock on the wall.

I exchange her tiny watch for a Timex with large black numbers. She confuses the hour and minute hands. I change the wrist band to sporty Velcro so she can put it on herself, though…

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